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Domestic Violence

 Most shelters provide women of domestic violence with mentoring programs that assist individuals in obtaining a GED, career counseling to further their education
and workshops to build self esteem and self worth.

"TIPS offers an outstanding educational program to help women of domestic violence to obtain a skill set necessary to becoming self sufficient," said Diane Medcalf.

We are dedicated to assist women of domestic violence with the technical skills and procedures needed to bring in an immediate source of revenue, boost self esteem, self reliance and become financially independent.

For more information on how our vocational training can assist you, please contact us at: (575) 937-4597 or send an email to:



               Community Development
We are dedicated to assist the various Community Development programs nationwide in their effort to provide high tech vocational training certification programs.
  •    Community Development Centers
  •      Workforce Education Departments
  •      Employment Development Departments
  •      Job Assistance Programs
  •      Youth Occupational Programs
  •      Child & Family Services
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If you would like information regarding how we can assit your community development program, please contact us at: 
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