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Diane Medcalf knew hotels, restaurants and casinos in the area needed some solid Wait Staff, so she came up with a business to meet that need.


There's no doubt the local economy relies heavily on the service of others - from wait staff in restaurants to cleaning staff at hotels.


The problem many business owners in the area have found is that a reliable work force to staff these jobs has been hard to come by Diane Medcalf said that it’s a problem that's endemic across the country, not just in the Ruidoso area. That's why she started TIPS Incorporated, a business dedicated to training those in the service industries.


"The new generations that are entering the work force came from two-parent or single-parent working families, and may not have the same value system some of the earlier generations had," Medcalf said. "We try to give them a sense of self-worth and self-reliance that will make them solid employees."


Medcalf recently returned from an international service trade show in Las Vegas, Nev., where she made contacts with restaurateurs, hoteliers and casino owners across the country. She said several leads were established, and that she'll likely close about 11 solid business deals. Those deals are in California, Arizona and across New Mexico, although Medcalf started her business in the interest of building up the local work force.


"We may have deals with nation-wide chains, I'm also working closely with the local community," Medcalf said. "Some changes have to occur for this business to take hold, but I'm optimistic those changes will take place." Diane Medcalf said “The business community needs to join forces internally to promote self-reliance in the current work force, and the key to that is education”. "An educated employee is 71 percent more likely to stay with you," Diane said.


As education is so important, it's a natural that Medcalf has partnered with John Mc-Cullough at Eastern New Mexico University-Ruidoso, who is overseeing the recently-established hospitality program. "We'll begin a wait staff training curriculum to begin this summer," Medcalf said. "I've been designing an online program that can be offered to all new employees in the restaurant industry."


This is something that's needed throughout the United States, from California to Vermont," Medcalf said. "Our strength has to be service. If we don't work with each other and serve each other well, then it’s all worth a hill of beans."

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