Our Expertise

TIPS leadership in hospitality services is a collaboration of restaurant and lodging professionals that have an enriched understanding of staff procedures and guest service expertise. Our content development experts ensure learners gain the professional skill sets that exceed expectations on every level. TIPS Hospitality training programs are used by top industry professionals and have secured a place in the public education sector providing pre-employment training programs to career and technical academies, colleges and universities nationwide.


Benefits & Strategy

We all know professional development creates a well rounded and knowledgable workforce. After all, well trained employees provide higher levels of service, reduce operating costs, increase revenue and have a direct effect on employee turnover rate.


With multiple delivery styles to meet your organizations needs, TIPS training programs offer unique user experiences, learning activities, sound training practices and comperehensive testing.


Educational Services

TIPS Hospitality programs provide educators with professional online development training curricula designed to prepare students to enter the workforce with advanced level industry skill sets.


Our curiccula's instruct students in the required social, technical and procedural skills, while securing a foundation in the development of disciplines in communication arts, guest-centric service, critical thinking and problem solving.


TIPS Hospitality training programs include instructional videos, comprehensive assessments along with hidden secrets and techniques used by top industry professionals that specialize in delivering memorable guest experiences.

On Site Training

Our professional design team will consult and collaborate with your staff to gain a clear understanding of your organizational needs. Culture, tradition and brand are incorporated into each training design to embrace your company image and philosophy.


We work together with your team to develop a winning strategy with clear objectives and goals. Each training program is designed to be innovative, proficiency based and result driven.


Educational Tools

As a full-service hospitality training company, we partner with teachers and industry leaders to deliver training solutions that help prepare students for the future. Our programs are designed specifically to provide educators and trainers with effective tools at affordable prices. 


Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, TIPS Hospitality goes beyond the norm to develop proficient training programs that drive results.


Now offering a wider range of tools from online curriculums, training manuals, powerpoints, presentations and video, TIPS goes above and beyond to make your learners experience one of the best.


Online Training

TIPS virtual training programs provide a user friendly experience and standardized approach to professional development offering courses designed for the front line of guest services.


Proficiency based online programs that include rich media, narration and testing ensure your team have the tools they need to be successful in the food & beverage and hospitality industries.


Corporate Development

We understand that businesses must change to remain competitive in todays market. Challenges in building leardership, increasing sales, training, organization, time management and performance are just a few of growing obstacles that each business faces.


Working together strategically we will develop a sound strategy with clear objectives and outcomes. Each of our training programs are designed to be innovative, proficiency based and result driven for your specific organization


At TIPS we work hard to create unique training programs that reflect the genuine flavor of our clients. Our content development experts and designers will assist your team to gain the edge you need to exceed in guest service.




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